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Ποτήρια λαιμού Dia-Compe CB-2 Alloy

Τα έχω σε ένα ράφι στα κουτάκια τους και μου λέει ένας ” Αυτά τι είναι αλατοπίπερα;”

Παρακάτω θα δεις την περιγραφή για τα αλατοπίπερα της Dia-Compe.



CB-2 Alloy
Quality lightweight MTB/Road threadless “Aheadset” for regular 1 1/8″ frames.
Slick and smooth sealed Angular Contact Bearings top and bottom.

- 7075 Aluminium cups

- Sealed ACB Cartridge Bearings

- Easy fit cut-type crown race

- inc Alloy Top Cap

-Silver or Black

- 42€

More Information: Angular Contact Bearings are precision sealed cartridge units which are built to take loads in 2 directions.
Headsets need to take potentially very heavy vertical loads, and yet, must have free radial movement.
Conventional radial type “sealed bearings” (e.g. as used in most hubs) are fine for radial loads and movement, but are not designed to accept heavy lateral loads (i.e. Vertical loads).