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Down tube cable stops / Στόπερ καλωδίων ταχυτήτων

Αλουμινένια στόπερ καλωδίων ταχυτήτων κούρσας της Shimano με ρύθμιζόμενα βαρελάκια που σας δίνουν τη δυνατότητα ρύθμισης των ταχυτήτων. Αξία 15€.

Κωδικός: Y67B9100


Shimano down tube cable stops, gives you another spot to adjust your shifting from. Easy to reach location, you could even adjust your gears while you ride.

Part Number: Y67B9100

Σύρματα Sram / Sram cables

Σύρματα φρένων κομπλέ για road ή mtb 33€ & Σύρματα ταχυτήτων 25€


Slickwire Brake Cable System

- Front and Rear Brake

- Road only, disc compatible

- 1.6mm DuPont Teflon coated stainless cable

- 5mm compression-free Kevlar reinforced housing with flexible extension and lubricated liner

- Short-nosed ferrules

Price 33€

Straight Jacket Cable System

- Front and Rear Derailleur

- Lined housing reduces friction for silly smooth operation

- Strong and rust-resistant stainless steel inner wire

Price 25€

MTB Brake Cable System

- Front and Rear Brake

- MTB only

- 1.5mm stainless cable

- 5mm low-compression coil housing with lubricated line

- Open end aluminum ferrules

Price 33€