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Ergotec grips

Εργονομικές χειρολαβές που κλειδώνουν στο τιμόνι σε μαύρο χρώμα ή σε φυσικό φελό. Στα 16€ και 21€ αντίστοιχα.


 Locking handlebar grips Black for 16€ or natural Cork for 21€.

Important: grips must be functional – non-slip, easy to grasp, pleasant to touch and extremely robust since they are exposed to all weathers. Just as important: grips must be ergonomic – suitable for the rider’s hand size and shaped in such a way that the load is evenly distributed.


Ergonomic handle: the palm lies on an anatomically shaped handle. The contact surface is larger. This means: the pressure is more evenly distributed. The nerves and blood vessels are no longer squashed in the carpal tunnel.


Note: Rotate the handle into the correct position and fix it. This prevents the nerves and blood vessels in the wrist from developing a kink. The ball of the hand is supported ideally.


Incorrect position: Huge pressure on the flexed wrist and on the ball of the hand. The nerves and blood vessels develop a kink.


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