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Passport Elements Anti-Rust chain

Αλυσίδα 8 ταχυτήτων από την Passport που μπορεί να αντέξει στο χρόνο χωρίς να σκουριάσει. Τιμή 16€.


Special anti-rust coating provides up to 10 times more resistance to corrosion compared to conventional chain finishes.

- Ideal for commuters.
- Up to 10 times more corrosion resistance.
- Low Maintenance.
- Less mess from the whole drive system.
- Reduced lubricant use is better for the environment.

No longer do you need to have your chain drowned in gunky oil to prevent it from rusting as the special anti-rust coating reduces the need for thick layers of oil and grease to reduce corrosion.

Note: All chains should be lightly lubricated on a regular basis around the “working parts” of the rollers etc. to reduce friction and premature wear. Excess lubricant may be removed with a rag to prevent a build up on the chain and drive system.

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