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Bagaboo always…

…delivers highest quality bags.Bagaboo_Denimhunters_-iamBarnie9Here you can find a nice brand profile of Bagaboo bags and an interview of the founder Tamas.Bagaboo_Denimhunters_-iamBarnie2You clearly have a passion for the creating of a high quality product, how did it all begin?

“I made my first bag as a working bike messenger. I did not find any bags that were affordable for my low budget so I decided to sew one for myself.”

What is the concept behind Bagaboo ?
“To make custom, one-of-a-kind messenger bags for cyclists. putting customer care first – this is really important for us.”

Where did the name come from?
“‘Bugaboo’ is an English word for a kind of a ghost – and we changed one character so the word ‘bag’ is included in our brand name.”

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Piedi Verdi messengers Thessaloniki x Bagaboo

Οι Piedi Verdi είναι messengers από τη Θεσσαλονίκη και τώρα θα κουβαλάνε τα δέματα και τις επιστολές σας με την επαγγελματική βοήθεια που μόνο μια Bagaboo Workhorse μπορεί να προσφέρει.


Για μεταφορές δεμάτων ή επιστολές κάλεσέ τους στο 6948494710.

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Καλές δουλειές.

Αύριο στη Θεσσαλονίκη / Tomorrow in Thessaloniki

6η Διεθνής Γυμνή Ποδηλατοδρομία / 6th International Naked Bike



Love with bike parts


Nutcase orange love



Site updated – Saracen Urban ESC 2013 Mens

Ένα τέλειο εργαλείο για γρήγορη μετακίνηση στην πόλη και εκδρομές εκτός των τοιχών, από την Αγγλική εταιρία Saracen.


Urban ESC 2013 – 375€ 

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Our urban range has evolved over the last couple of season and now includes 7 focused models. High-end trickle down has meant we can now offer our signature curved top tube on all urban models giving them an instant visual identity. Not only this, but new graphics make them sleek, modern and stylish.



CORDURA® Fabric Jeans















Cordura fabric jeans

regular fit

made of CORDURA® denim these jeans will stand up to wear like nobody’s business*, yet they look and feel just like regular cotton denim. they have a ton of stretch for ease of movement, and come loaded with bike friendly features such as a seamless gussetted crotch, articulated knees, lower front and a slight rise in the back, reflective rear belt loops and a reflective strip that is revealed when you roll your drive-side cuff, and back pockets that fit a mini U-lock.

Details & Specifications

-low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut
-higher waist in back to stay respectable and to keep you warm
-articulated knees for a better fit on a bike or barstool
-seamless gusseted crotch for comfort
-back pockets fit a mini U-lock
-cell phone pocket on side to stay connected
-reflective strip on inside right leg that is exposed when you roll up your cuff
-high quality YKK metal zipper
-rivets to make them more durable
-stylish trim fit for everyday use

*in a rub test conducted by CORDURA® (Martindale Abrasion BS EN ISO 12947-2:1999 Standard Woolen Abrasion with 12KPa weight), regular 100% cotton denim held up to between 75’000 to 25’000 rubs (depending on number of times the denim was washed) compared to the same weight CORDURA® denim where they stopped the tests at 250’000 rubs on all samples because the denim was just not wearing through.

“What They’re Saying About CORDURA® Regular Trim Fit Jeans”

Outside Magazine calls our jeans “the best cut pants we’ve found for cyclists”

Road cc

Τιμή 105€

Cycle Lovers @ Athens Bike Festival


Προσκαλούμε όλους τους Cycle Lovers στο Athens Bike Festival (Γκάζι).

Θα μας βρείτε στην τέντα 27.

Ώρες λειτουργίας:

Παρασκευή 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 18:00-21:00

Σάββατο 15 Σεπτεμβρίου & Κυριακή 16 Σεπτεμβρίου 10:00-21:00

Είσοδος ελεύθερη


Περισσότερες πληροφορίες εδώ.